Talks by Joe Levine and Ken Miller

We regularly speak at national, regional, and state meetings of Biology teachers. For the convenience of our colleagues attending these meetings, we will post our slides from recent talks on this page. We hope that they will be useful to you and your students - and if you have any questions about these materials, please don't hesitate to write: mail to: Ken Miller


Recent Talks by Ken Miller

Science Denial (St. Louis, 10-19-18)

The Human Genetic Revolution (10-20-18)
One Day University Talks: Faith & Science (updated 9/19/19) 
 STANYS Biology Breakfast (11/3/19)


Recent Talks by Joe Levine

Evolution & Climate Change (NABT - 11/13/15)

Welcome to the Anthropocene
(NSTA - Chicago - 3/12/15)

Miller and Levine Biology (New Science, New Media)
(NSTA 2014 - Boston - 4/4/14)

Ecology & Evolution of Emerging Diseases
(NSTA - Boston - 4/3/14)

These two US Government sites are the sources of many of the
videos for Joe's talks on Environmental science:


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