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Stem Cells in Biology
This page, linked to our web site, is designed to serve as a resource for Teachers preparing lessons on Stem Cell Biology for their classes. It will change constantly with new developments, and will be updated on a regular basis. Ken

• I serve as a science adviser to The NewsHour on PBS, and have appeared on the show to discuss recent breakthroughs in stem cell research. These links will take you to video and transcripts of these appearances:
June 7, 2007 (Mouse Stem Cell Breakthrough)
November 20, 2007 (Human Stem Cells without Embryos)


• Teaching Resources:

• Ken Miller's Powerpoint slide presentation on Stem Cells
(Last Update: 4/11/13 - NSTA - San Antonio)

Stem Cell ISSUES in BIOLOGY (from the Dragonfly Book)

New Stem Cell Feature (a draft for our next textbook)

Stem Cell Teaching Resources
(NJ Science Teachers - lesson plans and teaching materials)
(Northwest Organization for Biotechnology Research - lesson plans, slide shows, background info)

Genetics Learning Center (University of Utah)
Utah Stem Cell Learning Center

• Other Resources:

The PBS Stem Cell Page
Stem Cell News from AAAS
Stem Cell Research News
NIH Stem Cell News