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Letters to Students using the Dragonfly Book from:
Ken Miller
Joe Levine

The Peppered Moth story. Is it an evolutionary "fraud?"

Ken Miller's Evolution page

"What Discoveries Lie Ahead?"
See if Ken & Joe got this right when they wrote it 10 years ago!

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Fossils, Genes, & Mousetraps (a HHMI lecture by Ken Miller)

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Welcome to the Dragonfly Book

We established this web site to support our "Dragonfly" book, first published in 2002. When the book was current, we established web pages to support each of the book's chapters, and included a host of links and other web resources for teachers and students.

Because the book was last published in 2008, we will no longer maintain or update the site. However, we will keep its pages on line for the next few years to help support those using older editions of our books.

Ken Miller & Joe Levine

Important Links:

The 2014 Miller-Levine Tropical Biology Scholarship
Gateway to the Human Genome
The PBS "Evolution" web site
Dragonfly Podcasts from Ken & Joe
About the Book (a description of the Dragonfly program)I
Ten Answers to Questions about Evolution

Still here (by popular demand) on-line dissection pages:

Owl Pellet Dissection
Virtual Pig Dissection
Virtual Cat Dissection
Virtual Frog Dissection

NEW: A listing of Errors & Corrections in the first (2002)
Edition of the Dragonfly Book.